We just can’t believe that it has been nearly five centuries since the human race started playing bingo. We have now reached a point where we are able to play bingo on different websites and in different apps. Here are some of the interesting facts about bingo.

The most popular game

At the present moment, nearly eight percent of the entire world’s population is playing bingo. So that is almost eight billion people. We are sure that no other game can even come close to that. So if 8 billion people are playing then definitely it is bound to be the most popular game.

Long long ago…

It is not a story or a fiction. Studies and research say that the game has been in existence since the 1530s. It originated during the Renaissance era in Italy.

Bingo balls

A great stress buster and increases the brain functions

We all know that bingo is a great stress buster because we ourselves would have had that experience. The research conducted at Southampton University has revealed that the game enhances our brain function.

Keno and Bingo

You must have heard of the popular game Keno. Keno actually originated from bingo.

Motivation to play

Winning the jackpot is the fifth reason people state to play the game. The first reason that is stated by the majority of the people is to have fun. So we can conclude that people play bingo for fun and socializing and not for money.

Winning combinations

In a standard bingo ticket, the player has the possibility of coming up with a million winning combinations.

Bingo sheet

Bingo Jobs

With the constant increase in the popularity of the game, the game is now providing nearly 20,000 jobs. It also includes the people who are working on mobile applications and websites for playing the game.

The duration

On an average, a normal bingo game lasts from three minutes to six minutes.

The players and superstitions

It is a fact that the bingo players are very superstitious about the game. They have a strong belief in luck that includes lucky charms, lucky numbers, lucky colors, and lucky pens. There are even people who have lucky shirts, pants and also lucky underwear.


The predominant bingo players prefer their dauber color to be purple.


The Germans who never fail to come up with mesmerizing tech didn’t spare the game. They use this game for educational purposes. They teach students history and numbers with bingo games.

The popularity of the game

The game might have existed for more than five centuries. But it gained popularity only during the 1930s. It was popularized by a toy salesman from New York.

Female domination

According to the research and statistic results, the men who are playing the game is only 20%, while the reaming 80% is women.  A survey conducted in 2012 stated that nearly 2.5 million female players play bingo in online websites in the United Kingdom.


The game, in the beginning, was called as Beano. When people started playing, many wrongly pronounced t as bingo. Later it became the name of the game


Bingo stands first as the biggest fundraiser for charity in the world.