World records can be crazy at times. People go to unimaginable levels to create world records. Some of the weirdest world records include the biggest human rainbow, the world’s biggest shoes and a lot more.

When it comes to bingo, there are a lot of cool world records that can really raise your eyebrows. A lot of these records made it to the official Guinness book of records. Some of them even though they stand apart from the rest, didn’t have what it takes to position itself as an official world record.

The Largest Game of Bingo

The popularity of the game has drastically increased these days. People are fortunate and lucky that they have the opportunity to play nearly fifty games in a week. Almacenes Exito which is the largest retailer in South America decided to create a world record for the largest game of bingo. A whopping 70,080 people showed up to play bingo. It is more like two highly populated towns playing bingo at the same time. The crowd won approximately 250000 Euros in cash.

The Largest amount of money won at a bingo hall

Not most of us are lucky enough in our lives. But there are ones who are very lucky that they make us jealous. Generally winning three-digit cash prize is considered a good amount.  People are opting to play bingo on websites or mobile apps. Most of the big prizes are won on those platforms. But luck really favored Soraya Lowell. The girl won 1,167,795 Euros at National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot. Even as I write about her and her huge win, I wish I could have been in her place.


The Largest Game of Bingo

High Altitude Bingo

Generally, the normal people choose to play bingo either in bingo halls or online. But how many of you have thought of other places to play bingo? 24 Gala Coral employees literally took things to great heights. They decided to play bingo 17,500 ft above sea level. They went for trekking in Mount Everest and played bingo there. The total cash prize that they won was 100,000 Euros which they donated to Sue Ryder Care.

High Altitude Bingo

Quickest Bingo Jackpot

For the majority of the people, it takes years to get at least a three digit cash prize after setting their account. But that was not the case for Darry Howe. He set up his first bingo account at William Hill on January 22nd, 2010. Within forty minutes he won 18000 Euros. People say that the odds of that happening were 93 billion to 1.

Largest Online Bingo Game

Online bingo has become so popular with the youngsters. Generally, the bingo halls are very crowded and noisy. We generally feel that the hall is filled with more number of people. Well, those numbers can come close to the number of people who played the online bingo on September 3rd, 2010 in Japan. A total of 493,824 people played the online bingo game. It was organized by Coco-Cola Japan. Everyone who attended the event was the members of the Coco-Cola Park and Coca-Cola social media community.