A selection of poems written by Celeste Francis


Ring around the moon
catch a star or two
Imagine me an egret rising
into the bleeding moon.
It seems like lifetimes have past
in these few meager years and
in five days maybe another will begin.
Lifetimes ago I said I loved this world
and though everything has changed,
when all is said but nothing done
I'll swear on my soul that I still do.

"The hours of a summers day "

I don't know what will become of me,
where this life will lead
I'll just let it slide.
Slip and slide away like the hours of a summer day
what do I want with it anyway?
Only kindness matters and all I want is your love,
I've no love to give but come with me
and we'll catch some in the freefall.

Right now is all that matters and
and here we are together.
Guiltless but trapped.
But if you break my cage I'll break yours
then we can claw and bite forever more.

Who's to say where we'll end up.
Who's to say who wrote these lines
I am surely not the first and surely not the last.
If the end came today I'd still be here wouldn't you?
sometimes I feel that the end came and went
long ago and there's no hope for the hopeful and
not enough ever-standing truths even for the liars.

What matters to me anyway
as long as the ignorant are chewing gum
the world I love to hate will go on in chaotic normalcy.
It will go on signing cards for capitalistic holidays
and writing speeches for defeating the oppressors
so they may take their turn at oppressing.

Am I really alive or am I dreaming?
Would you care if you knew?
Does my life count for something
or am I just wasting space and
bidding time with you?

I'd like to taste the marrow then maybe I'd know
what those poets mean when
they say to suck out the marrow of life.
Do you think they've ever tasted marrow?
maybe marrow tastes awful.
Why can't we suck the coconut milk out of life?
Isn't coconut milk more resemblant of a perfect world
than the marrow of our bones?
What if what those poets are really saying is
that you should suck all the nourishment out of life that you can?
(because I've heard marrow full of nutrients.)
That would be akin to saying suck all the beef-liver out of life
and sure there are those people who love beef liver
but who loves them?

And who loves that girl on the left-hand side
of my World History class?
certainly not her boyfriend.
What is there to love under her perfect hair
and half inch of makeup and hairspray?
Beneath those brand name jeans?
Well, other than her vagina.

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"Horses & Fireflies"

The odds are 25:1 against runaway train.
1:3 that he'll go off course.
The nightmare of the Florida tracks
he's the dream of the girl in the stands.
Yeah, you know that girl.
The one who spends her hours at the tracks
and races as she sits in class.
She has dreams that don't come out till twilight
when the world is in it's bed
dreams that die once caught but
tempt us still to try again and again.
If you look for her by twilight she'll be lying in the grass
with fireflies on her heart and hands.
She'd count the stars if she could see them
but they're hidden by the cities lights
all she's got all is all she ever wanted.
Horses and fireflies.


Kiss and tell and runaway.
Save your love for another day;
another love; another lip;
another hand; another hip
another god; another girl

Copyright © 2003 Celeste Francis